Newsletter Summer 2017

Statistics extracted from our Museum visitors book show a marginal increase in visitors over the 12 month period, from 3 709 in2015 to 3 734 in 2016. Many of our visitors are tourists from as far afield as England, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden,Germany, Spain, France, Switzerland , USA, the Philippines, Israel, New Zealand, Dubai and Australia

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Newsletter 2016 winter


Museum Winter Newsletter 2016 – A Tribute to Gill
Family and friends gathered in the grounds of the Museum on a chilly evening to celebrate Gill Esler’s colourfullife. Gill’s family had proposed this venue as Gill had devoted so much of her time to the Museum. There werebraziers burning outside the barn and strings of colourful fairy lights which created a magical air. Gill’s family
had prepared a slide show and her daughter Karen walked us through parts of Gill’s life. The evening was awonderful tribute to a wonderful lady. We will miss you Gill.

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Newsletter 2016 Autumn


Thank You, Gill

Gill Esler has been involved with the Museum since 1999, forming an integral part of the committee as Treasurer for most of this time. Gill and Tannie Ria arranged interviews with the old folk in the community and recorded their stories about the old days in Darling. Gill also played a large part in the collection and display of historical information on the Jewish community in Darling. She along with Denise Kriel also mapped out the old graveyard and collected the names of the folk who were buried there for the cemetery project.

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Newsletter Summer 2015

Museum Fund Raising Events

Trekking in Nepal

Our October talk was a travelogue given by Paulo Donnoli. He and Ria have made many trips to Nepal and their personalised account was fascinating. They took us on a colouful tour of this unique country, and their love for the people and the country was very clear. The risks of snowfalls, avalanches, not to say icy temperatures did not appear to be an issue!. For more information on his talk, click the following link,

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Newsletter 2015 Spring



Museum Fund Raising Events

An enthusiastic  group of Darling residents braved the cold in late July to attend a talk by Michael Duckitt titled, “The breed from the past for the future….. Nguni”. The Duckitt family have farmed on Weylands Farm for six generations but have only been farming  Nguni  cattle for about 13 years. There was no doubting  his passion for this unique breed of cattle which is special to southern Africa.  A hybrid of different Indian and later European cattle breeds, they were introduced to southern Africa during their migration from the north of the continent. They are readily seen grazing in the fields around Darling. Many thanks Michael for a well researched and educational talk.  If you would like to learn more about Michael’s ngunis, visit the Darling Wine Shop website by clicking on the following link

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Newsletter 2013

2013, the year of the Snake according to the Chinese Calendar and so we kick off this year with Sean Thomas of Snake Busters as our guest speaker during March. Don’t miss this interesting and informative presentation. He will be bringing a few of his scaly friends along for the evening. We seem to have a problem finding overnight accommodation in Darling for him and his scaly friends!

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Newsletter 2011

Darling Museum And Local Tourism Information Office. The Darling Museum is proud to be the official home of the local Tourism office. It is here that tourist and visitors can experience the long established marriage of historical Darling and contemporary Darling. This professionally staffed facility is conveniently open all year round and plays a major part in promoting our village.

Thank you Dianne and volunteers for that warm and memorable Darling welcome to all our visitors!

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